Monday, April 4, 2011

Fun facts

I was reading the Fugly blog and got this idea. It's about how your horse and you are alike. So I thought I would blog about that! First, my new horse Miss. We have similarities and differences. We are both hard headed and have strong feelings about what we believe is right. Also, I would go days without talking to someone or eating just to prove that I have power over them... I know, this is only penalizing myself, but I usually give in quite easily after a while. We are both extremely patient but loose it in a heartbeat if it's something that keeps occuring and annoys us. She is a bit headshy, as I am (we are working on getting her used to it, I'm not convinced that she was treated all the best) and tends to throw her head up. She is super sensitive to pressure, but has a kind heart and is very sweet, she is not dangerous with people and VERY patient with other horses (too much if you ask me), she is forgiving and willing to work with people. She usually comes by to say hi when she is at liberty but she is a bit hard to catch (or rather putting her halter on is a task on its own), she stands tied, but she needs something to do. I've just started working with her and only have two rides on her as of now. I can't sit and do nothing either, I need a job or something to do. I can't stand puzzles and things that make me feel like I'm doing something but in reality, I'm only wasting my time. Don't take this on the wrong side, but I would rather be productive doing things on the farm than sitting inside and putting together a puzzle. I do that when it rains, if I'm not sleeping. Misty is my heart-horse, she is calm and assertive and knows what she wants, she is people oriented just as much as I am animal oriented. She is curious. Nothing spooks her and she takes everything in stride. She is short and bulky (bulldogging horse) and I am tall and... bulky (I'm working on that). She has thin hair, just like me and a kind eye. She is super sensitive and a simple loud voice will cause her to shut down completely (just like me), so kindness and softness is ideal for her. I'm more of the bully type of person.... but I am learning that this is not the way to go and that being gentle helps. I have to remind myself that the horse as probably not done what I am asking often and need to take it more slowly and "explain" it to them in order for them to understand instead of getting frustrated. Horses are such good teachers, I've learned to control my emotions and just be patient, I am extremely patient today! Wakan is not my horse, but I love him dearly... he has nothing that I have. He is an annoying little guy that is equivalent to a roll of Scotch tape if you unwind it all and get caught in it. He is always stuck to people like glue and is the first one at the gate to get loved on. He has a loud personnality and will make faces at you... this is super funny. Wakan turns two in May and has pretty much all of his groundwork done... we are just tweaking things now. He is a bunny rabbit and would never harm a person intentionally. Peg, my 18 year old ex-racer / ex-broodmare is somewhat people oriented if there is food envolved, kind of like me, LOL. If she is going to be caught to work, she is gone in half a jif, but food will get her right back in your pocket. She is the kind that doesn't take any bull**** from anyone or anything and will turn on a dog that runs and bark after her and chase it, she knows that the cows and sheep will move if she takes enough space. She is calm but has that extra boost when needed and tends to be very competitive, like me! She has her own opinions but she is easy to work with. She is bombproof but a bit hard-mouthed (racing days!?) and hard to stop once she is gone, we are working on this. Pearl, my other Ex-racer / ex-broodmare is 20 years old, but acts like a 4 year old... that is not at all like me. I'm 25 and would rather stay home and relax than go out and party, I also have a lot of responsibilities that other 25 year olds might not have. She cannot live without her buddy Peg, she is strongly opinionnated and will not do what is asked of her if she has anything else in mind, she has been known to kick and rear (not at anything in particular) to get her way (NOT working with me!). She needs constant reminder that humans are the boss, she is a BIG intimidator and she needs a lot of patience to get her where you want her. Once we leave the barn for a ride, she is the perfect little angel but is not suited for a beginner, since she has a tendency to mini-rear and bronc a little if she doesn't exactly feel like doing what she is told. She is also a gaited horse and sitting her pace can sometimes put people off balance, but she is very smooth and constantly gaits which is super pretty in parades. She is the nervous type, but is not afraid of anything on the trail or road... she just has a head full of hot air and she is very energetic. She is awesome for someone who likes a horse with a bit of pep left in them, but an absolutely safe and bombproof horse. She will probably never be able to go out alone, but we are not going to argue with her as we don't need to ride her alone and because she is already semi-retired. So there are my horses according to my views... they are all very different and I love them all equally, we all have a touch of something in common. Dandy, which has sold a few weeks ago was the exact personnality match for me, laid back, would rather not run fast (she was blind, so that is probably why), would trust me blindly and was my best partner, she wasn't affraid of anything and at her young age (5 years old), she seemed more mature than that, she was loving and caring, she was careful with beginners and children and LOVED to work, she would go bananas if another horse was working nearby and not her. She had a big heart and was willing to do anything for her human friend. She always had the biggest trust in me (I never felt so trusted by an animal before, but she was blind, so we had to have a bond in order to work together) and would forgive all of my mistakes, even the biggest ones, she always stood by me and for the few times that I have fallen off of her, she always stopped right there to wait for me and I know she felt sorry for throwing me off (not intentionally). I loved her with all of my heart and I will never forget her. The unfortunate circomstances of her sale were mostly related to her love of the work and me being under-horsed by her. I would've kept her, gladly, if she didn't mind it so much not to work. I found a great home for her where she will work often and be treated kindly and softly like she deserves. Her new people keep me in the loop of things and love her dearly which makes my heart lighter.

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